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A perfect gift for the car enthusiast!

A perfect gift for the car enthusiast!

If you are looking for a nice gift for a car enthusiast, there are many options. From smart gadgets to nice car scents; you decide how crazy you want to make it. In this article we give you a number of tips; all perfect gifts for the car enthusiast.

Racing on the track

A super nice gift for a real car enthusiast is driving a real racing car. Think of the most beautiful and fastest Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Porsches, Formula RP1s and many other cars. Every car enthusiast wants to experience that, right? There are several circuits where you can ride as an amateur, such as the circuit in Zandvoort, Assen or Zolder.

Car perfume

Car enthusiasts are often very careful with their own cars. They clean it regularly and find it important that the car looks neat. Something that is absolutely part of this, but is often forgotten, is a nice car perfume. You are guaranteed to score with car perfume as a gift for the car enthusiast. Every car will smell good again in no time with a nice scent; that's what every car enthusiast wants! At The Car Parfum you can buy various car perfumes, such as natural scents such as the No. 6 - Car perfume Ocean - 100 ML or an exclusive scent such as the No. 1 - Exclusive line Paul - 100 ML .

Car charger

There are many people who drive their cars every day. The car is therefore a convenient place to charge your phone. Especially if the phone is also used for navigation, you don't want to end up without an empty battery. An original car charger is a nice gift for the car enthusiast!

Tire pressure gauge

You can also give the real car enthusiasts a tire pressure gauge as a gift. You have tire pressure gauges in a small size and for a low price. A funny gift, but also very useful. Because if the tires are kept properly inflated, you will use up to 5% less fuel and the tires will wear out a lot less quickly. This gift also saves money.


It may sound a bit standard, but a nice key ring is a really good gift for the car enthusiast. You have beautiful leather key rings, but also key rings in which you can have a text engraved. This way you always have an original gift!

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