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Be enchanted by scents specially formulated to leave a lasting impression. With a capacity of 100 ml, our perfumes offer a long-lasting and luxurious fragrance experience.

''The Car Perfume has my favorite car scent. Very happy with the fast delivery and the wide range."

– Eline Vries

"Great smells! My car now always smells fresh and pleasant during my drives."

– Sander Hermeling

"Million scent is a game changer! My car now smells incredible and makes every car journey enjoyable."

– Rick van de Wijdeven

"The freshbox top 3 exclusive is great! I can now alternate between three wonderful scents in my car, perfect for every mood."

– Ruben Scholte

The Car Perfume Blog

De Evolutie van Autogeuren door de Jaren Heen

The Evolution of Car Odors Over the Years

In the modern world, odors in cars are more than just a pleasant afterthought. They arouse emotions, evoke memories and improve the driving experience. But how did we go from...

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Hondengeur verwijderen

Remove dog odor

If you have a dog, you probably know the problem: there is a dog smell in your car. Sometimes the smell is clearly present, other times you can't even smell...

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