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Dit zijn 5 betaalbare gadgets voor in je auto!

5 affordable gadgets for your car

How do you get the best out of your car? Of course, with real car gadgets! We are not necessarily talking about the latest technological gadgets. This often costs a lot of money and does not work in every car. But upgrading your car trips can often also be done with small things. And those little things can make a big difference. Curious about what makes your long traffic jam rides a little more pleasant? You can read it in our blog!

Gadget 1: Smartphone holder

Don't you belong to the category of luxury cats with a built-in navigation system in your car? Don't worry, our phone calls are (almost) all equipped with Google Maps these days. Of course, just letting your phone guide you while it's on your dashboard or on your lap isn't always safe. It is therefore a good idea to purchase a smartphone holder if you often use the navigation on your phone. With a smartphone holder you can keep your navigation app within your field of vision and you can drive safely. And leave those apps for what they are, MONO driving is the new driving!

Gadget 2: USB charger

Do you recognize the panic? You rush to your appointment, follow the navigation on your phone and when you only have a minute to go, you see the bar on your phone turn red: the battery is (almost) empty. These are often the times when you need your phone the most. Avoid having to charge your phone at the next gas station (or ask for directions) and make sure you have a standard adapter plug with USB connection in your car. With this gadget you will not be faced with any surprises.

Gadget 3: Car perfume

Do you suffer from a musty smell in your car? Can't get that cigarette smell, the smell of a wet dog or the smell of McDonalds from last Saturday night out of your car? You can scrub your car from top to bottom, but sometimes the solution is simpler: car perfume . With car perfume you can freshen your car within minutes. Four sprays are often sufficient. You will soon have a scent in your car of freshly hung laundry, a sweet apple, a fresh ocean breeze or a charming male/female perfume. That will be a lot of refreshing rides, which will be pleasant for your fellow passengers!

Gadget 4: Starbucks in your car

Okay. This gadget is slightly more expensive than the others, but also too cool not to mention. There are mobile (hand) coffee machines for in your car, which make a delicious cup of coffee for you within a few minutes. Ideal for people who have difficulty waking up, but need to be alert in traffic. With a mobile coffee machine you become a mobile barista. Naturally, you make a cup of coffee when you start the car, when refueling or when you are in a parking lot. Don't you have €100 for it? Then you can of course also take your coffee with you in a thermos.

Gadget 5: Car seat heating cushion

Did you know that seat heating does not have to be that expensive? For two tens of euros you can have a nice warm buttocks while driving. You connect the pillow to the lighter in your car and voila, a warm derriere! Ideal if it has frozen outside and it is a long, rough journey to work.

With these affordable car gadgets you can get even more out of your car. And remember: it doesn't always have to be expensive, fun is often in the little things!

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