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De rookgeur verwijderen uit je auto? Zo doe je dat!

Want to remove the smoke smell from your car? That's how you do that!

A smoke smell in your car is annoying. Maybe you smoked in the car in the past, but now you regret it. Or you bought a second-hand car in which the previous owner smoked. No matter where the smoke smell comes from, you want to get rid of the smell! That's why The Car Parfum tells you in this article how you can remove the smoke smell from your car. This way your car will smell wonderfully fresh again!

To clean

Start with a deep cleaning. You will probably clean the inside of your car every once in a while. But do you really do this thoroughly? If you clean your car really well, much of the smoke smell will disappear. Start with the car mats; Take them out of the car, vacuum them thoroughly, spray them with a cleaner and leave them outside for a while. Are the mats clean? Then you can take care of the rest of the car. This includes cleaning the upholstery; You can also have this done professionally. But don't forget the plastic parts of the car and very important: the ashtray. Removing the smoke smell starts with a thorough cleaning!

Have the interior filter replaced

Removing the smoke smell from your car is not possible without fresh air. Temporarily opening the windows can help, but the cabin filter is much more important. This filter ensures that fresh air from outside flows into the car. If this filter becomes dirty, less and less pure air flows into the car. It is therefore important that you have the cabin filter replaced approximately every year. This will help remove the smoke smell from your car!

Car perfume

To really make your car smell good, a thorough cleaning and replacing the cabin filter is not always enough. You can therefore choose to purchase car perfume. With car perfume you can make your car smell wonderful again in no time. At The Car Parfum you can choose from different scents, including exclusive scents and natural scents such as Apple, Ocean and Fresh Cotton . With just one spray on the floor mat or under the seat, your car will smell good again!

We hope the above tips will help you make your car smell good again!

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