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Remove dog odor

If you have a dog, you probably know the problem: there is a dog smell in your car. Sometimes the smell is clearly present, other times you can't even smell it anymore because you're so used to it. But no matter how much you love your four-legged friend, his or her smell in the car is not what you want. In this blog we will therefore tell you how you can remove dog odor from your car. We give you five useful tips that will make your car smell fresh again in no time!

Remove dog odor with cleaning

It sounds like an obvious tip, but many people forget to thoroughly clean their car every now and then. Especially if you have a dog and you want to prevent bad odors, it is wise to brush it thoroughly every now and then. Make sure you vacuum your car thoroughly to remove dog hair from the upholstery. Then wipe all plastic parts of the car with soapy water and all-purpose cleaner. Finally, you can clean your upholstery with a special spray for car upholstery or have this done once if you really want to take it seriously.

Spray against annoying dog odor

Is it not possible to make your car smell fresh again just by cleaning? Then a spray with car perfume can offer a solution. Choose one of our car perfumes, with scents such as Apple, Ocean orFresh Cotton . You spray a maximum of four times on the mats or under the seat and the bad odors in your car disappear like snow in the sun!

Drying your dog's coat

The most common cause of a dog smell in the car is transporting a wet, smelly dog ​​from A to B. When a dog is wet, the bad smell of mud, ditch water and other dirt spreads quickly through your car. An important tip against dog odors in your car is to dry your dog. If you dry your dog's coat a bit before he or she gets in the car, it will really save you a lot of unpleasant odors.

Wash dog regularly

The fourth tip to remove dog odor from your car is to wash your dog regularly. Especially if your dog swims often, it is wise to wash him or her regularly with special dog shampoo. Did you know that some garden centers have a special dog shower? Super handy; This keeps your bathroom tidy and ensures that your dog smells good.

Blow through against bad odors

And then the last of the five tips to remove dog smell from your car. It is actually a very simple tip, which works surprisingly well; Open your windows every now and then and let the air blow through the car. You will see that the unpleasant smell will disappear quickly. The wind is an effective remedy against dog odor in your car.

The above tips will certainly help to remove the dog odor from your car. Especially if you combine the tips with the use of one of our exclusive or naturalcar perfumes ! Your car will smell wonderfully fresh again in no time.

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